Covid-19 cause and effect

The world is in such a strange place at the moment with the Covid-19 outbreak.

While I'm writing this I have so many questions myself, and I feel the same uncertain anxiety most people out there are experiencing.

In a time like this sometimes some perspective can give us some sort of clarity.

First of all, I have no idea how severe this Covid-19 is going to get. But I think we can all agree that this depends on how humans react to the situations as a collective.

So we know that general sanitation needs to improve as well as social distancing and this includes self-isolation. This might not just be to protect yourself but the more vulnerable out there, this also takes a bit of strain of our already overexerted medical services.

As supermarket shelves lay bare because healthy individuals stockpile items needlessly, we must remember that vulnerable people may need those items today more than our freezers need them in a week.

Mental health is also extremely important at this point in time. During this time it is important to avoid becoming obsessed with social media news updates and engineered hysteria.

Most importantly this time will show that we have kindness in us for our fellow human beings, help where you can. Laugh whenever you can and keep one another in high spirits.

On the Otherside of this coin, humans are realizing how desperately the planet needed this, as well to heal.

This shows us that if we had to choose to self-isolate, we could do such amazing things for our planet - that lets us inhabit her. By just by cutting back a bit to the basics and working in your Pajamas.